With nearly every drug, both prescription and over-the-counter, there typically come some mild side effects. In most situations these effects trivial and are vastly outweighed by the benefits that the drug mainly provides. There are instances, however, where medications cause dangerous and severe side effects that can wreak havoc on the lives of those taking them. In recent times esomeprazole, marketed as the brand name drug Nexium, has come under scrutiny for causing some adverse side effects.


If you were injured by side effects caused by taking the prescription drug Nexium, our law office can help you seek compensation. National Nexium attorney Brian White has been helping victims of dangerous drugs for a greater part of the last decade and has the skills needed to make your case a success.


Dangerous Side Effects


While your doctor may have prescribed you the “purple pill” known as Nexium for heartburn relief, taking it as directed may have put you at risk for some serious side effects. Our law office represents Nexium victims who have suffered from:


* Increased Heart Rate

* Severe Abdominal Pain

* Liver Failure

* Excessive Bleeding

* Hip Fractures

* Wrist Fractures

* Spinal Fractures

* Decreased Bone Density


Recent studies have shown that continued use of proton-pump inhibitor drugs such as Nexium can cause bone decalcification. A decrease in bone density puts those taking these drugs at a higher risk for bone fractures during simple day to day activities. Yellowing of the skin and eyes have also been reported by users of AsraZeneca’s Nexium pill, a telltale sign of liver failure.


If you notice any of these serious side effects you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Side effects such as increased heart rate, excessive bleeding, and bone fractures pose serious health problems; left untreated these effects can be fatal.


Aggressive Drug Injury Representation


After you talk to you doctor, contact our law office to discuss your rights as a victim. Many other people taking Nexium have filed claims of personal injury against AsraZeneca for this dangerous drug. Extensive financial compensation may be entitled to you if you have been injured. At our law office, experienced Nexium injury attorney Brian White can provide the aggressive representation you need in this time. Pharmaceutical giants, such as AsraZeneca, can be too challenging for lesser experienced attorneys to take on. Attorney White is unrelenting in his pursuit of justice for those injured by dangerous drugs and will not rest until your case is settled.


Hazardous drugs like Nexium create a lifetime of health problems and complications for the victims who were prescribed this heartburn drug. Many of these people were simply unaware that these dangerous side effects could even take place as AsraZeneca is thought to have failed to inform consumers of the dangers of this drug. Victims of Nexium side effects injuries will need a compensation figure to continue to provide for them, throughout their life. This is precisely where we can help.


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