Since its public release in 2001 the “purple pill”, or Nexium, has netted its creators (AstraZeneca) over $14 billion dollars in revenue. This simple pill was marketed towards people who face continuous, long-term heart-burn who couldn’t find relief with other medications. Unfortunately for many consumers, this pill caused more harm than good in the form of severe adverse reactions and unwanted side-effects. Many of these side-effects can cause lifelong complications and medical problems, long after the pill was initially taken.


If you or a loved one have been prescribed Nexium and have been injured, contact the office of nationwide Nexium attorney Brian White immediately. You may be entitled to substantial compensation for these injuries and we can help.


Dangerous Side-Effects


As with all medications, side-effects can range from mild to severe. Nexium users have reported some of the following side effects:


• Abdominal Pain

• Headache

• Liver Failure

• Fast Heartbeat

• Unusual Bleeding

• Hip Fractures

• Spine Fractures

• Wrist Fractures

• Decreased Bone Density


Contact our law office today if you have been hurt as a result of taking Nexium that was issued by a doctor. If a company releases a dangerous drug to the public that ends up causing severe injury or wrongful death to the end user, then they can be sought after for compensation. Dangerous drugs, like Nexium, have the potential to cause severe injuries that can haunt victims for the rest of their lives. Victims of Nexium caused side-effects may face extensive medical bills that can only be alleviated by a successful products liability lawsuit.


Aggressive Litigation


Attorney Brian White understands that this is a hard time for you and it can be difficult make your voice heard. For over the last decade he has aggressively represented the rights of the injured and sought maximum recoveries for those injuries. Large companies, such as AstraZeneca, have powerful lawyers on retainer to refute the claims of those their drugs injure — Nexium attorney Brian White knows this and isn’t afraid or intimidated by these corporate giants. Call today to set up a free no-hassle consultation.