Esomeprazole, under brand name Nexium, is a proton pump inhibitor created and marketed by AstraZeneca starting in 2001. This drug was designed to treat heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Essentially the drug works by reducing the amount of stomach acid produced in gastric parietal cells — thus relieving the symptoms of conditions such as heartburn. While this drug was likely created with the pure intention of helping those in pain / discomfort  due to excessive acid reflux, it has since been linked to numerous side-effects which greatly outweigh the potential benefits of the drug.


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Nexium Dangers & FDA Warning


While initially released to prevent the effects of excess stomach acid, many users of Nexium have reported a number of dangerous side-effects. Users or proton pump inhibitors over an extended period of time may be at a higher risk for osteoporosis, or decreased bone density. A decrease in bone density can put users of this “purple pill” in significant danger for:


• Hip Fractures

• Spine Fractures

• Wrist Fractures


As bones become decalcified, they in turn are more brittle and subject to breaking or fracturing more easily. Common day to day activities such as walking down a flight of stairs or stepping off a curb can trigger these fractures in bones weakened by the effects of Nexium. The truly sad thing about victims of this drug is that the broken bones they incur typically come as a complete surprise and can debilitate even the healthiest of people for a long time. Hip fractures in the elderly can even be life-threatening.


If you have experienced a broken or fractured hip, spine, or wrist while taking Nexium our law office can help. Nexium is believed to be the root cause of many orthopedic injuries in victims who have taken the drug for a prolonged amount of time. In fact, the dangers became so apparent that the Food and Drug Administration now requires marketers of esomeprazole to include a possible bone fracture warning on the label of the bottle. Studies suggest that patients using Nexium for more than one year or in highly concentrated doses are more susceptible to these fractures.


Injured by Nexium? We can Help


Pharmaceutical giants such as AstraZeneca have made billions of dollars off consumers who use products such as Nexium. However, these companies are still bound to strict laws governing the rules and regulations of products liability. If a company designed, manufactured, or marketed a dangerous drug then victims of that drug can pursue a claim of personal injury against the corporation.


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